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JUDO is a great sport for developing strength and fitness, the athletic A,B,C's -agility, balance and co-ordination, self discipline and confidence.

At SKK Judo Club, whether you want to be a champion or just enjoy the sport and achieve Black Belt status, we have the infrastructure and coaching expertise to help you achieve your goals in a FUN and FRIENDLY environment.


SKK Judo Club is a professional organisation, with a strong infrastructure and quality volunteer coaches has led to SKK producing elite level athletes and becoming one of the top performing Clubs in the UK 

Head Coach

Black Belt 5th Dan. UKCC Level 3 Coaching Qualification

Katie Comins
Black Belt 1st Dan. UKCC Level 2 Coaching Qualification



Ellie Gilbert
Black Belt 1st Dan. UKCC Level 1 coaching qualification



Ellie Morris
Brown Belt 1st KYU UKCC Level 1 coaching qualification


Dermot Heslop
Black belt 7th dan. UKCC Level 3 coaching qualification


Emily Tye
Black belt 1st dan. UKCC Level 1 coaching qualification


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