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At SKK Judo Club, whether you want to be a champion or just enjoy the sport and achieve Black Belt status, we have the infrastructure and coaching expertise to help you achieve your goals in a FUN and FRIENDLY environment.


Judo is one of the world’s most widely practiced Olympic and Paralympics sports and showcases breath-taking throws, sublime ground fighting techniques as competitors illustrate why they’re among the best conditioned athletes in the world.

Judo serves as a great cardiovascular workout, which improves stamina, general health and overall fitness. Physical strength is also improved as a direct result of trying to control and dictate the movement of the opponent and as well as enhanced power.  For the same reasons the balance, flexibility and posture of an athlete will also be enhanced. Physical coordination can be seen to develop dramatically from participation in judo and reflexes are also improved together with mental reaction time.

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4-7 Year Olds

The sessions are delivered by fully qualified coaches and the children will learn the basics of Judo whilst having lots of fun!

We focus on fundamental movements and building up children's confidence and agility whilst playing lots of judo specific games and learning Japanese terminology. 

See our New Starters page and Membership page for all prices and class times. 

8 Years +

The focus at this stage is on learning basic judo techniques in order to start progressing through the grading system. 

Your child will learn basic hold-downs, throws and break falls with a big focus on enjoying the sessions with lots of games and fun activities to ensure your child remains engaged throughout. 

If your child is looking to take part in competitive judo, this is usually the age we would encourage them to attend Mini Mon competitions. These are extremely low level events with all competitors receiving a medal and the emphasis is on all participants enjoying themselves and increasing their confidence. 

For both these classes we give out a Player of the Week Trophy each week for the child with the best attitude and who displayed the best effort throughout the entire session. 



These sessions take place on Mondays and Wednesdays 8-9:30pm.

In order to progress to the next level, it is advised that training is increased to several times a week and that you are doing additional strength and conditioning work outside the dojo. 


This is a natural transition and you will be building on the technique and the knowledge you have previously learnt. 

Once you reach 14, there will be a noticeable change in the type of judo you are able to do, you will receive an introduction to armlocks and strangles. 

This is the stage where should you wish to compete regularly, you will be invited to attend national and international training camps and competitions where you can get valuable points and experience for the REDs Programme, the England Talent Programme and the Cadet/Junior/Senior GB Ranking Lists. 

Should you choose to take a more recreational route, we will ensure that sessions improve your technique, challenge you physically and make lots of great friends and memories all at the same time!


International Women's Day 2021 - Celebrating the strong SKK women!

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